Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cover of Deadly Sins by Lora Leigh

Happy to see the Deadly Sins cover matches the characters descriptions.
Deadly Sins
by Lora Leigh

There is nothing worse than reading  a book and the cover does not match the characters.

I am still in process of reading this book. But just had to post a quick picture of the cover, as it is yummy. Logan is describe to a T towards the cover. From his beautiful green eyes to even his laugh lines and intense look. I want to nibble on  his lower lip.

So far it is not as confusing as the first book. Logan is still like her heroes, a brooding Alpha Male. There is just right amount of sizzling tension.

Deadly Sins so far is better than Midnight Sins (book 1 in the series), but still  not as good as The Seals Series and The Elite Ops Series. I am a huge Lora Leigh fan and will still buy her books in Paperback for my collection.

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