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Review: Dark Citadel by Cherise Sinclair

                                                            Erotic Romance


Dark Citadel
Master of Shadowlands #2
by Cherise Sinclair

5 stars~Perfect~A Keeper

I want a Master from the Shadowlands Club

It is rare to find a author who can top the first book in a series. Cherise Sinclair did that and more with Dark Citadel book 2 in the Master of the Shadowlands series. Her writing voice is beautiful and story telling is entertaining. What did it for me was by chapter 3 you already get beautiful descriptions, just enough back story on the characters, sizzling sexual tension, and you will fall in love with the Hero who is gentle and very loving.

You’re allowed to look, sweetheart,” he murmured, running a finger down her hot cheek. “I enjoy having your eyes on me.”

You have a modest, polite and always obey by the rules Kari the Heroine that was raised by a strict father. She was never that interested in sex until her boyfriend told her about domination and bondage. She agrees to go with him to Shadowlands Club to take lessons. He turns into a jerk and she decides to leave but Master Z catches her before leaving and gets her to stay and keep taking lessons with Master Dan an experienced Dom who never takes a sub for more than one night after the death of his wife a few years back.

Master Dan is the brooding Hero that can not let go of his diseased wife. Dan and his wife never had kids so her death left him feeling lonely. He just wants someone to love him, but he still aches and has guilt from the lost of his wife. Because of his guilt he never takes a sub for more than one night until Kari comes into his life. Now he has so many mixed emotions that he does not know how to deal with them. It was heart-wrenching to read at times because Kari thought he was having the same loving feelings for her but then he would become cold and pull away. It was nice to see his little possessiveness/jealous streak of Kari through out the book. Dan is a sweet talker and very touchy-feely. I fell in love with Dan by chapter 3 but Master Dan you had me at chapter 5 with one little word “Nibble.”

“Red,” she whispered. She bit her lip again, and he couldn’t stand it.
“If anyone nibbles those lips, it will be me,” he murmured, licking over the plump bottom one. He tilted his head and took her mouth, then delved deep inside. She tasted of rum and coke and something that was essentially Kari.

It was a joy to watch Kari transform from a mousy school teacher to a beautiful, sensual woman. She falls in love with Dan pretty quick, but who wouldn’t when you have a sexy Dom who gets you and is whispering sweet, erotic words in your ear while caressing you in a gentle and loving way. She also had a backbone as she at times spoke her mind when Dan would get cold on her and back off. She also would bite her tongue and took what ever punishments Dan gave her in a erotic good way.

It was a treat to see Master Z and Jessica through out the book. It was always just enough to let you know how they are doing and seeing that they are still madly in love.

And can not forget The Capture Gardens scene. Oh my it is erotic, fun and intense. Hope we get more of this in the other character stories.

Dark Citadel is a keeper. This book is the one you would want to read on a rainy night in front of a cozy fire with a nice glass of wine. You do not have to like BDSM to enjoy this book. For me that was just an added bonus. It is truly a love story with a Hero and Heroine that are meant to be together and reading how they are going to get their HEA.

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  1. Hi,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and Cherise Sinclair!!! :) She is an auto buy for me!! I think my favorite is Marcus or Z or Cullen.(LOL-all of them!!) Have you read their books yet?? I can't wait for the next one to be released. Great post. Happy Friday!!
    Mariann at Belle's Book Bag

  2. Mariann,
    This is the second book for me have not read Marcus (really want to read) and Cullen (Curious to see what is in store for him).

  3. I've heard great things from this author so you've just pushed me to go out and buy it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. This was my fave. But start with the 1st one Club Shadowlands. That is Master Z story. It was yummy.


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