Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review: Tamed by Rebecca Zanetti

Tamed (Dark Protectors #6.5)
by Rebecca Zanetti
Paranormal Romance
Hot ~ Fan Yourself
Caleb Donovan was never meant to be a prophet. At heart he's a conqueror, his appetites far more carnal than spiritual. He's not inclined to repress his passions and surrender to fate. After all, that's what cost him Lily—three centuries ago. She married another, because it was ordained. Now that he's in the same benighted calling—and forced into proximity with her—all the old desires are roaring back to life. . .

After widowhood and centuries of celibacy, Lily is eager to explore the wild side of life, except now she's vulnerable to another forced relationship, with an enemy. But this time she's determined to choose her own path. And if hot, furious Caleb comes charging to the rescue, it might just change both their destinies. . .

Love is about to start conquering. . .

Loved Caleb and Lily together and thought they were a good match for eachother. Caleb is another yummy alpha male hero written well like all others in this series. I did swoon a bit over him as he was more  gentle than others in this series.
Wanted more action and romance as I felt like there was more talk about getting ready for some big peace talk. It was repetitive and got bored easy. So far I have gobbled up all the books in the Dark Protector series even the novellas but sad to say this was easy to put down and pick back up.
Dage and Janie are a big part of the plot that I believe is leading up to her book Marked. I loved having them in this book.
Love this series and have even read all the novelllas because I can not get enough of Rebecca Zanetti amazing story telling and yummy heroes. Tamed was a good edition in the series. But for me I did not love it or hate it. 

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“The last time I felt this desperate for a woman, I was young—barely an adult.”
She hummed and ran a soft hand across his chest. “Lucky woman.”
He started, his heart beating hard enough she had to feel it.
“It was you, Lil. You’re the only woman I’ve ever wanted badly enough to burn.”


  1. So many people love this author. I seriously need to make time to read her for myself.

    1. Love her writing voice and characters. She is one of my top favorite authors.

  2. I should try this series one of these days. I DNF the spin-off (I think it was), this sounds better

    1. Oh no. I hope it works for me. She is one of my favorite authors and have yet to read a bad book of hers. I am looking forward to the spin off series to this.

  3. Believe it or not, but I haven't read anything by Rebecca Zanetti as yet... this series sounds so good. Although you wanted more action, there seemed to be plenty of swoon scenes to keep you busy!

  4. This was a nice gentle calm before the storm one for sure. Loved this series and am so glad she wrote the spin-offs.

    1. I can not believe I have fallen behind in this series and her others.

  5. Such a wonderful series right?? I haven't read the novella's in the series yet, but have read all the full length books and Loved them.

  6. You're making this sounds like a great series!


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