Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lusting For Covers: The Highlander's Bride by Amanda Forester

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The Highlander's Bride (Highland Trouble #1)
by Amanda Forester 
Amazon | Goodreads
Aside from the delicious cover model sporting a nice firm back, I love how the cover looks like a painting. The red color of their clothes with the background being pastal really makes the couple pop out.

Their attraction is forbidden
All Highland warrior Gavin Patrick wants is to get back to his native Scotland. But before he can leave the battlefield, he's given a final mission-escort Lady Marie Colette to her fiancé. Under no circumstances is he to lay hands on the beautiful, clever-tongued matter how desperate the temptation.

Their desire, undeniable
Forced to pose as a married couple to make their escape from France, Gavin and Marie Colette find themselves thrown into peril...and each other's arms. As the danger mounts, so does their forbidden passion. But it isn't until Marie Colette is taken from him that Gavin is forced to decide-is he willing to lose the woman who stole his heart, or will he jeopardize his honor, defy his promise, and steal her in return?


  1. You had me at highlander. :D And kilt. And I have a thing for back and shoulders. Yum.

    Hope you're having an awesome Sunday!

  2. Such a wonderful cover right?? And the book is fantastic.

  3. Love the cover. Let me wipe the drool off my keyboard. ;)

  4. I love that cover. Who doesn't love a Highlander cover.

  5. Nice! Highlanders usually make great covers. lol

  6. Yay another highlander cover I absolutely love these kind of covers because they are always so gorgeous. And this one is no excepting the cover is absolutely beautiful, and I totally love the color tone of the cover it fits the book just perfect! Here is my Lusting For Covers

  7. It is a nice looking cover! I agree, it looks like a painting!

  8. I've been loving the highlander covers lately. So pretty!


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