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Review / Quote-Tastic: Torched by Shay Maya

Biker Romance

Series: Iron Serpents Motorcycle Club #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Author
Publication Date: Jan. 28, 2015
Format: Kindle
Pages: 334
Source: Purchase
Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It


by Goodreads - My name is Livia Ash. It's an alias. The secrets and lies don't end there.

As a teenager, I was forced into a dark life, my freedom and innocence ripped out from under me. To get out, I had to become like the very people I hated, people who had no problem spilling blood just to make a point.

It almost cost me my own life, but I did it. Battered and broken, but determined to start over, I ran. Right into the path of Cameron "Torch" Larter, nomad member of the Iron Serpents Motorcycle club. Overbearing, rude, and intimidating, he was everything I didn't want to deal with. But this rugged biker Adonis -- with his piercing eyes and sharp tongue -- also got under my skin.

Forgetting him proved to be just as hard as breaking free from a life of crime. Neither happened. And by the time our worlds collided a second time, old enemies and new threats meant that I couldn't act on my desires. But Torch wasn't a man who took no for an answer.

Could two very different breeds of outlaws on a warpath ever unite without ending up on a cold slab or prison cot?

This is our story.  
-This is a full-length novel (approximately 110K words). Warning: This story contains explicit language, sex, and violence.

I am a huge Biker Romance fan and out of the books in this genre popping up like crazy there really are only a handfull that are good. Torched by Shay Mara hit the spot for me. The plot is original, unpredictable with just the right amount of gritty feel when needed. The Hero/Heroine are well developed and loved that there is no insta-love. Their relationship is spanned over a good time frame that begins as friends before lovers. 

Livia the heroine is refreshing as she has a bit of humor, smartmouth and a kickbutt attitude that is not over the top. She is confident and smart thinking.  The best part since she had a rough past she does not dwell on it. She pushes to try and make the best of her life. You get to see a sweet side to her when she is with her sister and her family. Loved her sister and her husband and their daughter. They added some comic relief to the book. Livia can handle her own especially when it comes to Torch and his MC Brothers.
Cameron "Torch" Larter is the perfect Alpha Male I love in my heroes. He is the kind of man who does not walk away from a wounded woman with out seeing for himself if she is alright. When it comes to Livia he knows when to give her space and when to interfere. He is used to woman falling at his feet because he is a biker. He is irritated and intrigued that he finally met a woman who does not fall at his feet but also put him in his place.
There is good banter between all the characters. Torched has the Motorcycle Club drama I love in my biker reads. I hope the other MC brothers get their own books in the future. The ending I did enjoy as it had me on the edge of my seat. I was not sure what direction Shay Mara was going and was a little nervous. Was happy with outcome. Torched is a good start to a MC series I look forward reading.

I know I should give you a quote with the main couple Torch and Livia but I adored the relationship and fun banter with her sister Lex and her husband Neil. They added some fun to the book. This is the first time Lex and Neil are meeting Torch. They are at the fair that is sponsored by The Iron Serpents Motorcycle Club. Torch is walking up to Livia and her family.
...I watched him saunter toward us.
"God, I'd do him in a fucking heartbeat," Lex Mumbled.
"I'm right here, woman," Neil protested. "Oh shut up," she snapped back. "You know I'd wait 'til you're dead."
"Well that's fucking comforting," he huffed.
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  1. Great quote. I do agree about MC romances though, you never know what kind you will get. But this sounds pretty wonderful. Glad to see you are back and hope you are well. And love the new design. Very classy.

  2. LOL that quote. ::snort:: Love some good secondary characters.

  3. I have a soft spot for secondary characters too. I especially like it when they get their own books.


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