Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lusting For Covers: #132 Midnight Lies by Ella Grace

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Midnight Lies (Wildefire #2)
by Ella Grace
The Wilde sisters of Midnight return in this thrilling novel of romantic suspense, perfect for fans of Maya Banks, Allison Brennan, and Lori Foster.


The winds of fate have blown cruelly on a family that once had it all: money, power, prestige. The lives of three beautiful daughters were forever changed when, on a sultry night in Midnight, Alabama, a murder-suicide shattered the Wilde family. The girls grew up to live separate lives but now have returned home, each to face a danger no one can see coming.

Former homecoming queen Samantha surprised everyone by going into law enforcement, but beneath her tough fa├žade lies a wary heart. The tragedy that struck her family is an ever-present reminder that nothing is ever as it seems. When the man she loves, Quinn Braddock, a doctor and Iraq war veteran, is accused of murder, Samantha assumes the worst. Brokenhearted, her confidence shattered, she returns to Midnight. Though exonerated, Quinn still feels the sting of Samantha’s doubt, but he can’t forget his feelings for her and follows her. Soon after his arrival, a shocking murder terrifies the town, and once again, Quinn is under suspicion. This time, Samantha will not turn her back on the man she loves—even if it means walking into a killer’s trap.

Shirtless hero with dogtags. Had to try this author at Netgalley. Not only did the cover and blurb caught my attention but "Peferct for Fans of Maya Banks and Lori Foster got me.


  1. Love this cover! :) Yum! Kame will be reviewing this one in the coming weeks, if I recall she liked it. Adding it to my list--thanks for sharing! :)


    1. I will have to keep an eye out for Kame's Review.

  2. Oh yeah, looks waaaay hotter at midnight ! The blurb sounds good too, it's on my list now. Great choice :)

  3. WD~ Let me know how you enjoy it.
    I love the dog tag shirtless thing, too. It's always nice to see!
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Oh yeah that's nice! I haven't read her but have been thinking about it.


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